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Premium Fitness Equipment Montreal

Finding good fitness equipment in Montreal is all about understanding your needs and going to a proven company such as Renegade Performance. This is a one-stop option for those who don't want to settle and prefer high-grade options for all of their needs. This...

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barbel and weights

Bumper Plates Vs Iron Plates: Differences and How to Use Each

Joined the gym and have a minimal idea about strength equipment? You might be one of those who walk into the weight room for the first time and are not sure whether to use iron plates or the colorful plates that can be seen on the rack. Then, this article is going...

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Bumper Plates Vs Iron Plates- Differences and How to Use Each

Power Rack vs. Squat Rack: A Head-to-Head Comparison

You’re looking into ways of incorporating strength training into your fitness routine, but you have a few concerns. Your main concern may be that without a training partner to act as your spotter, you won’t be able to perform a range of exercises that require you...

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squat racks vs power racks

Olympic Barbells vs. Standard Barbells

All bars are not created equally, and we're here to answer all of your burning barbell questions like, "How long is a barbell?" and "How much does a bar weigh?" and "Why are there different barbell types, anyway?" Standard and Olympic bars are quite different from...

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olympic barbells vs standard barbells

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