Shopping for Gym Equipment in Montreal?

Considering a space in your home for a home gym? Did you know that specialty stores like Renegade Performance don’t just sell to gyms and commercial facilities? Home Gyms are actually our specialty! 

Our expertise goes beyond selling equipment! Choosing the right gym equipment for your home gym setup goes hand-in-hand with your fitness goals and objectives. If you are in the Greater Montreal Area, check out our selection of gym equipment online!

What Gym Equipment is Best For Your Space?

Shopping for gym equipment can seem like an overwhelming task, we know. That’s why we have made it our duty to ensure that our customers’ fitness goals are the main priority. When you shop at Renegade Performance, you will have peace of mind knowing that all of our fitness equipment is premium quality and it’s affordable. Our team is dedicated to helping you sift through the many choices and find the right home gym equipment that is right for you – and your dedicated workout space.

We carry a large selection of Cardio and Strength Training Equipment, as well as accessories to help keep your home gym safe, organized and functional! Let’s take a look at a few options that may work for your fitness goals.

Cardio Gym Equipment

Exercise bikes are the best cardio machines for a home setup. They are a cost effective option and they are compact enough to even accommodate a smaller workout space. Stationary Bikes offer the added-bonus of being storage-friendly. When put to regular use, Stationary Bikes can help strengthen your lower body (calves, quadriceps and hamstrings) as well as to provide the obvious benefits associated with a cardiovascular workout. Air Bikes on the other hand, are less storage-friendly, but for what they lack in ergonomics they make up for in their capacity to support a larger amount of weight. If you’re looking to shed weight, then you might also want to consider an Air Rower, with their built-in features that monitor your split times and the calories you burn.

When looking at Stationary Bikes, be on the lookout for the display settings that suit your fancy; the estimated calorie burns, a mile tracker, and a meter land speed. Air Bikes are not equipped with display trackers, saving you the trouble of an added-distraction, if you’re the type to lose focus during your workouts. Not to mention, there are smartwatches that do the tracking for you!

Strength vs Power Training Gym Equipment

For all their differences, Strength and Power Training are both defined by their relationship to resistance. Strength training for one, is geared towards pushing your limits, moving the greatest amount of weight with no constraints on how long it takes to do it. Whereas with Power Training, the formula is inverted; you lift less weight in quicker, shortest bursts. Sports like football and rugby employ the Power Training method in preparation for gameday. 

The power training method also extends to the study of Plyometrics, a jump training exercise that was born out of the Soviet Union in the late 1960’s. At Renegade Performance we offer a 4-piece Multi Set of Plyo Boxes which are specially constructed to prevent slippage, giving you one less thing to worry about in the clench.

As for strength training, when shopping for dumbbells, you must first define your lifting goals. Remember that heavier weight = lower reps and vice versa. If you harbor any concerns over the durability of the dumbbells, save yourself the trouble, go buy yourself a set that comes encased in rubber. Rust is not your friend!

Want to develop muscular strength, but are afraid to re-aggravate a nagging injury? Resistance Bands may just be the perfect inclusion to your home gym setup. We’re talking about an instrument that owes its versatility to the alluring power of elasticity, and stores itself easily. You can easily use the resistance bands anywhere in your home gym.  If space is limited in your home gym, resistance bands provide you with a great workout and convenience. Their versatility, lightweightness and durability make this fitness accessory the perfect addition to your home gym and fitness routine.

Home Gym Design and Setup in Montreal is Easier Than You Think!

No matter what your fitness goals may be, to get a full and complete workout you’ll need to have gym equipment that covers cardio, conditioning & strength training. At Renegade Performance, we offer top quality gym equipment at affordable prices. You can shop our selection of cardio machines, strength training equipment and our large selection of home gym accessories to help complete your home gym setup.

Not sure how to set up your home gym? Let our Renegade Performance team help you!. We offer home gym design consultation services in Montreal. We can help customize your work out space, with the right gym equipment for you!

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