Home Gym Design & Setup In Montreal

We offer more than gym equipment in Montreal. Our team of expert professionals are here to help you with the planning and design process of your home gym – or for your office, condo building or community center for that matter! 

Renegade Performance provides a unique perspective and deep understanding of the training space. We specialize in home gym design, office gym design, or any other type of space. We can assist you in creating the workout space of your dreams, anywhere you see fit! Our design consultations give you expert advice – this lets you focus on the fun stuff, like dreaming up your new fitness sanctuary!

We balance the latest in home fitness equipment and exercise trends with your unique fitness goals and design style. Our mission is to help you create a beautiful, safe and functional space to train your body and mind! 

Designing a functional and motivating home gym requires a multifaceted approach. At Renegade Performance, we think of it all  from gym floor coverings, to storage and fitness equipment that is right for your unique style and needs.

A Home Gym is much more than just a place to sweat! It’s an investment in your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family. No babysitter, no problem! Home gyms provide the flexibility you want and deserve. The best part? It’s a huge return on investment. Gym memberships are practical, if you use them.  Having a home gym means choosing the right equipment for you and your fitness goals – that works with your design style and space. 

Whether you are creating space for your home gym in Montreal, looking to convert your office, garage – or any other space to make room for your fitness sanctuary, let us help! Renegade Performance is dedicated to helping you design and create your gym with quality fitness equipment. Your budget, style and safety is always our top priority. Renegade Performance is your destination for premium quality gym equipment and gym design expertise.

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