Protecting your investment is important to us which is why all Renegade Performance products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and flaws, this allows us to fully cover parts and systems that cannot be utilized to their full potential. Limited warranties vary from 30 days to 1 year from date of purchase depending on purchased product.

Renegade Performance Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on items such as, but not limited to foot pedals, transportation wheels, rubber grips and plastic end caps.

All warranties become void if the product is poorly assembled, improperly stored, altered, and or modified in any way. Signs of improper assembly include damaged/stripped wiring, stripped threads on nuts/pedals etc.

Warranties do not cover misuse/abuse or accident/damage such as scratches, broken covers, torn seat or cosmetic damage to paint/finishes.

Renegade product requires maintenance, and proper use, obvious neglect will void all warranties, warranties do not cover any noises such as: squeaks, clunks, thumps resulting from poor or lack of preventive maintenance.

This Limited Warranty does not extend to any Product that is damaged or rendered defective; (a) as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse; (b) use with the Product of any part not manufactured or sold by Renegade; (c) by modification of the Product; (d) by normal wear and tear.

Should any Product submitted for warranty service be found ineligible, an estimate of repair cost will be provided.

Any labor cost is the responsibility of the original purchaser. If a Product requires shipment, delivery or transport it is the purchaser’s sole responsibility and to pay for any fees associated with servicing of a Product. Any evidence of alteration, erasing or forgery of proof-of­ purchase documents voids this Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty applies only to Product purchased from Renegade.

FOR ALL WARRANTIES * Warranty may be voided for any product which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, alteration, maintenance, storage or handling by the user. Any specific issues regarding a Renegade product with which a customer is not satisfied will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out Warranty Form to submit all claims.