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A Home Gym Owner’s Guide To Indoor Cycling Equipment

Shopping for Indoor cycling Exercise Bikes in Montreal can feel like a chore. However, whether you are upgrading your current home gym equipment, or in the process of designing a dedicated workout space in your home, cardio equipment is a must have! That being...

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Considering Setting Up a Home Gym in Montreal?

Let’s face it, maintaining a fitness regimen is just an exercise in time management. We understand how much time and energy is spent simply on planning your trip to the gym!  So, let us help you, help yourself to the ideal conditions. A home gym has never been this...

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Power Rack vs. Squat Rack: A Head-to-Head Comparison

You’re looking into ways of incorporating strength training into your fitness routine, but you have a few concerns. Your main concern may be that without a training partner to act as your spotter, you won’t be able to perform a range of exercises that require you...

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Shopping for Gym Equipment in Montreal?

Considering a space in your home for a home gym? Did you know that specialty stores like Renegade Performance don’t just sell to gyms and commercial facilities? Home Gyms are actually our specialty!  Our expertise goes beyond selling equipment! Choosing the right...

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