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    RENEGADE Kettlebell Classic – Rubber Coated – KG

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    RENEGADE Kettlebell Classic – Rubber Coated – Lbs

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Get a total body workout with Kettlebells!

What’s the history behind this funky looking strength training tool? Kettlebells seem like the new kid in town, featured in fitness magazines and TV shows, but the truth is, they have been around for more than 300 years! As a training tool, they have been used by the Russian military. Kettlebells were seen as the most efficient way of getting troops into fighting shape fast!

Whether you are a fitness buff, an olympic athlete or new to the world of strength training, Kettlebells are a must have in your home gym. Kettlebell training is accessible and practical for everybody.

What are the benefits of adding Kettlebells to your strength training workout? When you swing a Kettlebell every part of your body is involved in each and every rep. Your body is always working by producing force as you swing up or reducing force as it swings back between the legs. Swinging Kettlebells works your cardiovascular and muscular system at the same time, making Kettlebells a fantastic conditioning tool – working the body inside and out!

They are also very practical! Use them anywhere – Kettlebells are portable and provide freedom unmatched by any machine you find in a gym. You can train in your bedroom, in front of the TV or even in your backyard.