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Get A Great Cardio Workout With An Exercise Bike

Cycling is a really versatile form of exercise that can be scaled to different fitness levels, lifestyles, and goals. At Renegade Performance, we offer a great selection of Stationary Bikes, Air Bikes and other Cardio Training Equipments to fit your space, goals and budget.

If you are looking for extremely intense but short workouts , the Air Bike is definitely the right cardio equipment for you.. The Air Bike is best used to get the heart rate spiking and coax the cardiovascular system into aerobic and anaerobic states, essentially training your heart and lungs to be able to push harder and further next time you work out. Renegade air bikes are made from industrial grade steel allowing them to support up to 150kg’s. Featuring an electronic dashboard, adjustable seat cushion and rollers for easy storage, the Renegade air bike is the ultimate full body home workout.

Jump on an Air Bike for five minutes before a strength training workout, it’s a great way to get the back, shoulders, glutes and hamstrings warmed up and ready to go!

Stationary Bikes offer the advantage of increasing resistance as you progress. Designed to build endurance at your own pace. One thing is certain, cycling is not just a sport for kids! It’s an awesome full body workout and a must in every fitness enthusiast Home Gym. Stationary Bikes offer variety in terms of hand positioning and types of resistance.