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What’s the difference between Bumper Plates and Weight Plates?

Bumper plates are weight plates made of high-density rubber. They are a standard diameter across all weights and are used in lifts where the loaded barbell is dropped to the floor. Their rubber construction protects the weights, the barbell, and the floor from damage. Bumper plates were designed for competitive lifting. They are made of a dense rubber that, when dropped, won’t damage themselves, a lifting platform, or your floor.

Weight plates are a type of weight lifting equipment used to add resistance to adjustable barbells and dumbbells, as well as plate-loaded weight machines. Depending on the intended purpose of the weights, weight plates can be made of steel, cast iron, or, occasionally, cement-filled plastic. They are round or octagonal, with a central hole to fit either a standard or Olympic barbell. Weight plates are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

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