RENEGADE Rubber Coated Tri Grip Olympic Plates


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Renegade urethane coated TRI-Grip Olympic plates are created using raw recycled material. The ergonomic handles allows you to use the plates to their greatest potential as they can be used for multiple exercises such as Arm Rows, Lateral Press, Farmers Walk etc. The urethane protective coating helps with noise reduction and minimize any damage that can be caused to the area or exercise equipment. All plates have a metal ring insert to prevent wear and tear on the centre of the plates. The 50mm/2” collar opening allows the plates to fit on and standard Olympic equipment.

Material: Raw recycled material/Urethane
Collar opening diameter: 50mm/2”
Insert: Stainless Steel
Available sizes : 2.5-5-10-25-35-45

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2.5Lbs x 2, 5Lbs x 2, 10Lbs x 2, 25Lbs x 2, 35Lbs x 2, 45Lbs x2