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  • Rubber Hex Dumbbells

    Rubber Hex Dumbbells

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  • kettlebell-KG

    RENEGADE Kettlebell Classic – Rubber Coated – KG

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  • Olympic Bar ‘700’ RPRS2021

    700lbs Olympic Barbell

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  • Olympic Bar ‘1000’ RPRS2022

    Olympic Bar ‘1000’ RPRS2022

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    EZ Curl Bar

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  • RENEGADE Olympic Iron Plates

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  • Virgin Rubber Bumper Plates

    RENEGADE Olympic Bumper Plates

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  • Rubber Tri-Grip Olympic Plates RPWP033

    RENEGADE Rubber Coated Tri Grip Olympic Plates

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  • kettlebell-KG

    RENEGADE Kettlebell Classic – Rubber Coated – Lbs

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Have you had to transition from working in the office to working from home? Being stuck in one position all day, like sitting at your computer,  weakens the stabilizer muscles in your torso, which play a major role in your posture. Regular strength training can help increase the endurance of the muscles in your lower back that are responsible for posture. Weight lifting & bench pressing goes far beyond wanting to look buff, it’s essential to keeping a lean, strong and healthy body.

Strength training involves any activity that works your muscles against resistance. And by stressing your muscles, it stimulates them to grow and become stronger. However, dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells provide more than just physical strengthening– it’s great for your mental health.  Many people first pick up weights for the physical health benefits of weightlifting, but stick with it for the mental and emotional benefits.

Need help figuring out which gym equipment is best for you? Renegade Performance has you covered. Contact us for more information, and allow our team of knowledgeable experts to guide you through our wide selection of weight training equipment. The best part? Dumbbells, Kettlebells and Barbells don’t require you to have a ton of space! Making them a perfect addition to your home gym, or your office.