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  • Olympic Bar ‘700’ RPRS2021

    700lbs Olympic Barbell

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  • Olympic Bar ‘1000’ RPRS2022

    Olympic Bar ‘1000’ RPRS2022

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    EZ Curl Bar

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Renegade Performance is your source for Barbells and specialty weight training equipment

What’s so great about barbells as an option for weight lifting & strength training? Barbells are a valuable tool in the arsenal of anyone who wants to gain strength efficiently and safely. Barbells allow you the flexibility of increasing the weight gradually over a period of time, saving you space, time and money. Unlike dumbbells, who only go up to a certain weight, barbells can take on as much weight as you can lift. Being able to add weight is important because performing an exercise to the point of fatigue helps muscle growth and builds strength. As your body becomes stronger, you need more resistance, in the form of added weight, to progress toward your goal. 

Using barbells is simple, and learning the basic lifts won’t take very long. Unsure about which barbell is right for you? Contact us today and allow one of our dedicated Renegade Performance team members to help you figure it out!\

We have an incredible selection of Barbells and weight lifting equipment to suit any training level and budget –  including Weightlifting Bars, Olympic Barbells and a large inventory of Specialty Barbells. Whether you are looking to expand your weight training equipment or you’re just starting off, Renegade Performance is here for you. Next day local delivery in the Greater Montreal area, or fast shipping anywhere across Canada!