RENEGADE Olympic Bumper Plates


5Lbs x 2$30.00

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10Lbs x 2$60.00

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25Lbs x 2$125.00

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35Lbs x 2$175.00

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45Lbs x 2$225.00

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Bumper plates are weight plates made of high-density rubber. They are a standard diameter across all weights and are used in lifts (Olympic and CrossFit) where the loaded barbell is dropped to the floor. Their rubber construction protects the weights, the barbell, and the floor from damage.

Plate diameter: 450mm
Collar opening: 50.4mm / 2" inch
Insert type: Stainless Steel
Material: Virgin Rubber

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5Lbs x 2, 10Lbs x 2, 25Lbs x 2, 35Lbs x 2, 45Lbs x 2

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