A Home Gym Owner’s Guide To Indoor Cycling Equipment

Shopping for Indoor cycling Exercise Bikes in Montreal can feel like a chore. However, whether you are upgrading your current home gym equipment, or in the process of designing a dedicated workout space in your home, cardio equipment is a must have! That being said, most of us don’t have unlimited square footage in our home to dedicate to a home gym or fitness studio. This requires us to be thoughtful in the design, layout and functionality of our home gym.That’s why we love Exercise Bikes!

Cardio fitness is an essential part of any worthwhile fitness routine. It’s great to get us warmed up, lubricate our joints, get our heartbeat up and ready for action! The advantages of course, at least here in Canada and especially in the Greater Montreal Area – cycling indoors is a way safer option during our icy and wet winter months.

Let’s explore the benefits of buying an Exercise Bike for your home gym. Renegade Performance is the spot for premium fitness equipment in Montreal – especially when it comes to exercise bikes.

Getting Clear on Air Bikes vs Stationary Bikes

For most of us, indoor cycling is just that – getting on an exercise bike and pedalling! The truth is, there are many reasons why getting familiar with the type of exercise bike you are currently using or would like to, is important. Understanding your fitness level is key, second to that getting clear on your goals – and available space in your home gym will be the defining factors. The goal is to get fit, safely and affordably. Let’s see what sets these two Exercise Bikes apart!

What is an Air Bike?

At first glance an Air Bike can look a little intimidating. They look like a cross between an Elliptical Machine and an indoor cycling bike!  Air Bikes usually have longer handlebars and a large wheel frame. The air bike has also been designed to have more of an upright position when you’re cycling.

The Air Bike has an extra  calorie-burning and strengthening  option that allows users to workout their  legs and arms, unlike a Stationary Bike. An Air Bike allows you to pump your arms and cycle with your legs for a full-body workout. If your mission is to burn some serious calories in your home gym, a Renegade Air Bike might be what your looking for! This bike often specifically targets muscle groups including the legs, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders and core, working them all at the same time – feel the burn!

The truth is, Home Gym equipment and fitness equipment is not all built the same. The Renegade Air Bikes are made from industrial grade steel allowing them to support up to 150kg’s. Featuring an electronic dashboard, adjustable seat cushion and rollers for easy storage, the Renegade air bike is the ultimate full body home workout!

What is a Stationary Bike?

The Stationary Bike is designed to feel just like a road bike. The saddle on the Stationary Bike or seat – is designed in a way that feels more natural, like a road bike. The seat is slightly more narrow than the Air Bike, The design of the saddle and handlebars help keep  your center of gravity more forward leaning, towards the handlebars.

The Renegade Stationary Bikes are made from industrial grade steel allowing them to support up to 150kg’s. Fully adjustable seats and handlebars provide maximum comfort, while manual resistance controls allow you to fine tune your cardio workout to give you that real uphill feeling.

What Exercise Bike Is Best For Your Fitness Needs and Your Home Gym?

Exercise Bikes, such as Air Bikes and Stationary Bikes can help get you leaner and stronger without overly taxing your joints. Cycling is a low impact aerobic exercise that can improve your health and fitness level without the wear and tear on your joints that other fitness equipment may cause.

Once again we circle back to your unique fitness goals, home gym design and space, as well as your budget! If you are looking for a high impact piece of exercise equipment, then an Air Bike is the right choice for you. If you are easing into a fitness routine, or looking to get back into working out after a long break or injury, a Stationary Bike may be the best option.

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