RENEGADE Rubber Gym Flooring – 40X40in


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The RENEGADE Gym Flooring are 40X40in and 5/8in in thickness. The gym mats have an EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer) finish on the top side. EPDM is a high-quality synthetic rubber, a highly durable material, it is weatherproof, and will properly absorb high impact. The gym mats are never thinner than 5/8” thick – meaning your floors, and equipment will always be well protected. The rubber gym flooring is designed to minimize noise, and vibration, created by weight plates being dropped. They help insulate, and mould around unleveled flooring to give it that professional finish.


Key Features

Easy To Clean: The gym mats are simple, and quick to clean. With a simple spray, and wipe, or even your traditional mop.

5/8-inch thick: Offers premiere protection for your floors, and equipment – minimizing sound, and vibration.

Thick and Beveled: 28.5lbs per tile reduces the likelihood of the mats being able to shift or move over time.

Additional information

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