RENEGADE Cast Iron Tri-Grip Standard 1″inch Plates


2.5Lbs x 2$8.50

In stock

5Lbs x 2$17.00

In stock

10Lbs x 2$34.00

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25Lbs x 2$85.00

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35Lbs x 2$119.00

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45Lbs x 2$153.00

In stock

The Renegade Standard 1"inch Plates Tri-Grips are manufactured from industrial grade steel featuring a high-quality finish. Featuring textured grips which secure the weights in your hand, the Tri-Grips ensure your safety, and can be used alone or together with a standard barbell for a full body workout. Available in 2.5, 5,10, 25, 35, and 45 pounds.

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2.5Lbs x 2, 5Lbs x 2, 10Lbs x 2, 25Lbs x 2, 35Lbs x 2, 45Lbs x 2, 245Lbs Combo (2x 45,35,25,10,5,2.5)

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